Huge Savings On Black Tiles Compared To The High Street

Black is a timeless colour and is often combined with white for an emphatic contrast. This versatility has made black tiles extremely popular for a range of projects. You have a vast array of black wall and floor tiles to choose from in both natural stone and engineered varieties. Black is also popular in the world of fashion and seems to be a colour which is continually being reinvented. We recommend using black tiles if you wish to create a definitive look in your bathroom or kitchen. Black wall tiles are sometimes combined with light coloured units, furniture and features. Like musical genres such as rock and roll and R&B; which are continually being reinvented and explored further by new generations of artists, black has a timeless quality and people are constantly finding new and interesting ways of using it within designs.

No matter what look you are attempting to create there is a good chance we have the tiles to match. Dark colours are not often associated with making rooms appear bigger. However, highly polished black porcelain has a mirror like reflective quality which accentuates light and space. Furthermore, across flooring spaces black floor tiles can help to conceal dirt and dust. In areas such as kitchens and conservatories where a reflective surface is not always the best choice, black matt tiles will absorb the light to prevent a glare. In fast food restaurants where hygiene and safety is paramount, low cost glazed ceramic tiles are easy to clean and resist the build up of dirt and grime. For your own home, natural stone which we source direct from the quarry is a desirable option. Black stone with sparkly particles like granite is truly spectacular.

Sparkly black quartz tiles are also a stylish option. It is not just in residential properties where black tiles are so regularly used. In clothes shops and hair salons black tiles will not show up dirt easily. This means that cleaning can be done after closing time to avoid inconvenience during the day when clients are the main priority.

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