Hexagon Nature Black Mosaic 290x301

Hexagon Nature Black Mosaic 290x301

Hexagon Nature Grey Mosaic 290x301

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These grey mosaics have a hexagon shape which provides interiors with a decorative appearance.

The intricacy of the layout and neutral grey colour adds a distinctive style to bathrooms and kitchens. 

These tiles are supplied in 301x290mm sheets, with each sheet comprising of individual hexagon mosaic tiles.

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!!Important: Our Square Metre Price Calculation is Based On Number Of Tiles NOT a Perfect Metre Squared in Most Cases. So 1 m2 can equal for example to 1.08 m2 or 0.98 m2. Our System tries to get as close to m2 as possible. But if the price goes up or down, it is calculating to compensate for the added extra tile.
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Product Name Hexagon Nature Grey Mosaic 290x301
Size 290x301
Thickness 5
Material glass
Texture Smooth
Finish Satin Semi-shiney
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